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Would you like to master Color Sand Glass Art and earn income by using your skills?

We offer private courses for you to become 3 different levels of certified professional Color Sand Glass Art instructors. 

Basic Instructor Course

This course is for you to become a certified basic instructor to sell your own sand glass artwork, teach classes and workshops. 

The course takes about 3-4 hours of "with an instructor" (online or meet in person) session and a homework assignment.  You will learn the basic skills of the sand pouring, drawing simple shapes, how to apply decolations and gel candles wax on your sand artwork.     

The price is $440 (All materials for the course are included.)  After completion of the course and receiving your certification, you can start earning income as an artist.

Advanced Instructor Course

(Must have Basic Instructor Certificate to register) 

The completion of this course will allow you to start teaching Basic Instructor Courses, and Advanced instructor Courses.

You will receive a $260 commission for teaching every Basic Instructor Course, and a $140 commission for teaching every Advanced Instructor Course. 

This course has no time line. We will provide an instructional DVD series. You will practice drawing accuracy on outlines of 6 different shapes by using bamboo skewer.  The price for this course is $350 (Materials are needed to be purchased on your own.) 

Master Instructor Course

(Must have Advanced Instructor Certificate to register) 

This course is for you to learn more professional skills to draw breathtaking sand artwork. After completion of this course, you are allowed to own an independent group of advanced and basic instructors to make more of a profit for yourself.  You will be able to purchase sand at master instructor discount price, too.


There are two tasks needed to complete the Master Instructor Course.

*Complete one assigned sand artwork.

*Complete training 4 advanced instructors.

The price for this course is $50. (Materials are needed to be purchased on your own.) 


After you become a Master Instructor, you are your own boss and will be expanding your own business!!

Please contact us if you are interested in working with us!

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